Take the Show on the Road
Transform your vehicle into a masterpiece of lights and music with our innovative lighting system

Have you ever felt invisible in the midst of traffic filled with identical cars?

Our SEAMETAL LED lights are the solution to stand out and express your personality through your vehicle's lighting. From soothing tones to vibrant colors, you can customize your lights to shine on any occasion. Never go unnoticed again!

Total Control by App

Use the app to easily control the lights and customize your favorite effects.
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You can synchronize your lights with the music

You no longer have to settle for a standard musical experience. With SEAMETAL, every song becomes an unforgettable show, making every journey even more exciting. Discover how music and light can come together to create unforgettable moments in your car!

Whether you desire a soothing ambiance for a calm journey or an energetic setting for a night out

These lights provide you with complete control to transform your vehicle according to your desires. Even the most ordinary trip becomes an exciting experience!



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SEAMETAL Car Light StripSEAMETAL Car Light Strip
SEAMETAL Car Light Strip
SEAMETAL Car Light Strip
SEAMETAL Car Light Strip
SEAMETAL Car Light Strip
SEAMETAL Car Light Strip

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Power Output



Dream Colors / Monochrome RGB


60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 120cm, 120cm x 150cm

Number of Strips



PVC Material


100,000 hours

Componentes Incluidos

1 x reloj magnético StarBright



The car LED lighting system is equipped with sound sensors that allow you to synchronize the LED lights with the musical rhythm. The musical LED light strip follows the beat and adjusts the flashing to match the sound's intensity.

Musical Decoration

The kit is designed to be simple yet adds elegance to your car when driving at night or enjoying music. Thanks to the sound sensor, the undercarriage lighting system syncs with the music's rhythm.


It can be easily bent, folded, rolled, and secured in place, making it perfect for under the wheel arches, around the front grille, underfoot, in the trunk, along the dashboard, and more.

Variety of Colors

The car underglow LED system produces various colors, including blue, green, purple, red, teal, white, and yellow. The car underglow lighting system also offers many color flashing modes, perfect for syncing with the music's rhythm.

Brilliant Colors

The car underglow LED system illuminates vibrant colors to give a stylish and impressive look to the areas where you place them. Despite being extremely bright, they are excellent energy savers, so you don't have to worry about power consumption.

Optional Sizes

LED Light Strip 60cm x 2 + 90cm x 2

LED Light Strip 90cm x 2 + 120cm x 2

LED Light Strip 120cm x 2 + 150cm x 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the lifespan of SEAMETAL LED lights?

The SEAMETAL LED lights have a lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting and reliable use.

Can I customize the colors of the SEAMETAL LED lights?

Yes, you can customize the colors of the SEAMETAL LED lights to create the perfect atmosphere that suits your style and preferences.

How are the underbody LED lights installed on a vehicle?

The installation of the underbody LED lights is straightforward and can be done by connecting the positive and negative electrodes to the battery. Before installation, it is recommended to test if the lights function normally.

Are SEAMETAL LED lights compatible with my type of vehicle?

SEAMETAL LED lights are versatile and suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and more.

Can I synchronize the rhythm of the LED lights with the music of my choice?

Yes, SEAMETAL LED lights come equipped with sound sensors that allow you to sync the lights with the musical rhythm, providing a stunning visual show while you enjoy your favorite music.

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